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September 23, 2006

Blackberry Wheat

by @ 5:16 am. Filed under Wheat Beer

Category: Wheat Beer
Recipe Type: Extract


6.6 lbs Irks Wheat extract
.5 lbs Amber Dry Malt Extract
2 cups Carapils
3.5 quarts FROZEN blackberries added to help cool wort
1 cup corn sugar for priming


1.5 oz Hallatter hops (bittering)
.5 Saaz hops (finishing)


1 tsp Irish moss

Yeast Wyeast #3056 and 1 quart starter

Procedure: Put cracked Carapils in cold water and leave in until just before boil.
Add Wheat extract and DME and boil.
Add Bittering hops boil 25min. Add Irish moss, boil 30min.
Add finish hops boil 2 min, Remove from heat. Put pot in sink of cool/cold water and add Blackberries.
As they thaw crush berries with your spoon. Remove hopbag(a lot easier than straining them out).
Put everything in 6 1/2 gal bucket or carboy fill to 6 gal mark with water and pitch yeast.
Start at 70 degrees F , after ferm starts move to 60 F , xfer to 2ndary after 5-7 days. Leave in
secondary 7-14 days(I go 14) you may want to use gelatin or polyclar to help settle things out(5-7
days before bottling). Bottle with 1 cup corn sugar. Wait 2 weeks and enjoy so good homebrew.

July 12, 2006

Australian RedBack

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Category: Wheat Beer
Recipe Type: All Grain

7.75 lbs mix of 66% malted wheat extract and 33% barley
1 lbs crystal malt (steeped, removed before boil)
1 lbs amber unhopped dry malt extract

1.5 oz Kent Goldings hops (5.6% alpha) (60 minute)
.5 oz Kent Goldings (10 minute boil)
.5 oz Kent Goldings (5 minute boil)
.5 oz Kent Goldings (in strainer, pour wort through)
.5 oz Irish moss (15 minute boil)
.75 oz Burton water salts

Yeast: 2 packs Doric ale yeast (started 2 hours prior to brew)

Procedure: My primary ferment started in 1 hour and was surprisingly vigorous for 36 hours. It
finished in 48 hours. It has been fermenting slowly for 5 days and now has stopped blowing CO2
through the airlock at any noticeable rate (less than 1 bubble every 3–4 minutes).

I took a hydrometer reading last night and it read 1.018. This seems high for a F.G. in comparison to my
other beers of the same approximate S.G.

The last 1/2 ounce of hops was put in a strainer in a funnel and wort strained through it on its way
to the carboy, as described in Papazian. A blow-off tube was used.

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