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June 27, 2006

About The Endless Beer Info Blog

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Hearty Greetings, Beer-Friends!

Today begins my new beer site. I will offer as much as I have, and hope to make this a good information resource for home-brewing. Does the virtual world really need another home-brewing site? Absolutely! You can brew far better beer yourself than you can buy in a store.

As my Mission Manifesto, this site will have 2 1/2 major purposes to justify its existence. First will be to disseminate and share what information I do have. I have made about 35-40 batches of allgrain beer in my garage career. I am no exspurt by any means, but do know my way around a bucket and liter bottle. I have also made mead and a great deal of wine from free fruit. I do have a minor background in water science from college, so will try to offer some sensible reports in that area.

This blog site will also hopefully help to fund my ongoing zymurgy experiments, and will have a recipe book for sale and various advertising. Hey, even altruistism has a purpose. I will try to post at least one new recipe from the book each week, and have them available for your email pleasure by use of anonymous RSS to email feed. I’ll keep no email list, but this way you can get the info by subscribing to the RSS feed. It can be fed to your email or feed reader, such as myYahoo, myMSN, or any other news feed reader.

I’ll select a practical template and have the feed in place within a few days. Today is umm, Wednesday, so give me a couple to get it all going.

When possible I’ll also decent reviews of online brewing supply sources and other helpful info. And finally, halfly, if at least one new person takes up brewing their own better beer at home, this will all be worth the while.

A toast to bread
Because without bread
We’d have no toast!


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